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About Me

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I'm Paula Stone, Certified Academic Language Practitioner, IMSLEC Certified Dyslexia Tutor, ESL Instructor and Certified Irlen Syndrome Screener. My passion is reading, and it breaks my heart that some people struggle to read. My work with ESL students and Irlen Syndrome clients, introduced me to many children and adults who have difficulty reading for no obvious reason. My desire to understand this problem led me to dyslexia tutoring.

As a C.A.L.P., my specialty is structured, multi-sensory language education based on Orton-Gillingham principles. I tutor students remotely and in person using the Barton Reading and Spelling System and Kilpatrick's Equipped for Reading Success program. Because of my training and experience, I'm able to tailor the curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student. I'd be happy to talk with you about how I can help your child overcome their reading difficulties.

How It Works

How It Works

Dyslexia Tutoring


One-on-one tutoring for a minimum 2 sessions per week, using the Barton Reading and Spelling System.

Rate: $60/hour

A professional dyslexia diagnosis is not necessary to begin tutoring. If your child is struggling with reading and spelling, I'll identify and address their particular needs.

ESL Tutoring

One-on-one or small group tutoring available for reading, writing, grammar and speaking.

Rate: $50/hour


My office is in Whitefish Bay, WI.

Online tutoring is also available for dyslexia.


Irlen Syndrome Screening

•Are you sensitive to light?

•Do you get headaches or sleepy when reading?

•Do words move or jump off the page? (Yes, that's a thing.)

These can be symptoms of visual processing disorder, also known as Irlen Syndrome.

For more information, contact me or visit

Tutor Links

Links to other OG & Barton Tutors by State/Province:

  • Alabama

    • Auburn – Cora Connelly, M.Ed., A/OGA, Master’s Level Barton

  • Alberta, Canada

    • Edmonton – Diana Sabados Online Barton tutor with teaching background and mother of two dyslexic children

  • Arizona

    • Cave Creek/Phoenix/Scottsdale – Jane Gramenz MA Teaching, BA Psychology, Licensed Teacher, Certified Masters Barton Tutor, Advocate, Consultant. In person & on-line services available.

    • Maricopa – Sherry Wootan, Advanced Certified Barton

  • California

    • Rancho Cucamonga – Michele Fairchild Advanced Certified Barton tutor and Equipping Minds Tutor. Online remote tutoring.

    • San Clemente – Ellen MacPherson – Reading and Spelling Tutor. Vantage Point Tutoring – Equipping Dyslexic Learners for a Bright Future.

  • Colorado

    • Boulder – Deborah Kratovil, Owner

    • Castle Rock – Ann Mitchell MAED, Certified Orton-Gillingham Methodology Online

    • Centennial – Melissa Bailey Reading Interventionist, Certified Teacher Grades K-6. Over 25 years of experience teaching reading and language arts. Trained OG and Barton Reading & Spelling Program. Remote over Zoom.

    • Greeley – Sue Bridgman – Founder/Executive Director of Bridging the Gaps Dyslexia Center, a nonprofit (501c3) organization.

    • Highlands Ranch – Donna Duffy, M.Ed, retired teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience. Reading With Success, LLC.

    • (no city) – Breeanna Murphy M.Ed. Literacy, LETRS certified, dyslexia advocate, IMSE trained comprehensive & morphology, Orton-Gillingham tutor. Virtual Tutoring.

  • Florida

    • Land O’ Lakes – Jen Opitz Owner/ Reading Specialist/OG Tutor

    • Tampa – Helena Svanstrom – Master Level Certification in Barton Reading and Spelling System – 8 years of experience

  • Georgia

    • Atlanta – Ladder Learning Services, Online Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia tutoring services

    • Atlanta – Holly Justice, OG Certified, SWI, Advocacy, Barton

    • Atlanta – Lauren Hammond, M.Ed., Special Education Consultant, Barton Tutor, Multisensory Math Tutor

    • Dublin – Brianna Preston, Eureka Reading Services, Certified Dyslexia Specialist. One-on-one dyslexia therapy and reading intervention.

  • Hawai’i

    • Kailua – Emily Laidlaw, Providing help to parents and educators.

  • Iowa

    • Williamsburg – Mindy VanZuiden certified Dyslexia Specialist providing Barton, Foundation in Sounds, IEW, HWT, and LIPS

  • Kentucky

  • Massachusetts

    • Holland (virtual only) – Mary C. Scannell M.Ed., Barton Tutor, Reading Specialist/Diagnostician & English Teacher. Virtual Educational Assessments, Reading Interventions & Advanced Writing Instruction

  • Michigan

    • Linden – Lisa Barnett, BA Special Education, SWI Tutor and Coach

    • Midland – Leane Priest, Transformation Reading, Barton Spelling and Reading, Dyslexia

  • Minnesota

    • Duluth – Deb Dwyer, OG-CTT, ICALP, CDP. Online tutoring option.

    • White Bear Township – Evelyn Haselmann, Barton Trainer, Tutor, Consultant, The 20% Club.

  • Missouri

    • St. Louis – Jillian Miesen, reading specialist

    • St. Louis – Robin Boda, Executive Director / Dyslexia Consultant. Helping students who struggle in the typical classroom make sense of learning.

  • New Jersey

  • North Carolina

    • Raleigh – Lisa Durham BS Special Education, Advanced Barton Certification

    • Wilmington – April Coggins Dyslexia Specialist. Nationwide Reading Dyslexia Tutor.

  • Ohio

  • Saskatchewan, Canada

    • Regina – Ellen MacPherson – Reading and Spelling Tutor. Online and in person instruction available. Programming available: Barton Reading and Spelling System, LiPS, SPIRE, Equipped for Reading Success.

  • South Carolina

    • Mount Pleasant – Charlene Morgan A/AOGPE, MAT Ed., Orton-Gillingham reading and writing academic therapy along with Multisensory math tutoring.

  • Virginia

    • Loudon County – Kelly Rogan, M.Ed- Literacy Specialist / OG & Barton trained. We specialize in supporting students with Dyslexia, ADHD, & Executive Functioning.

  • Washington

    • Seattle (virtual only) – Erin Daniels, Orton Gillingham and Multisensory Math tutor. Erin tutors virtually, working with students across the US and beyond.

  • Wisconsin​

    • Wausau – Dana Glaser, Speech-Language Pathologist and Orton-Gillingham tutor


Tutor Links
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